Happy Super-kid Program Certification 


Children today are under a tremendous amount of stress from school, their environment, peer competition and expectations from the media. Stress affects the way children learn and interact with their surroundings. It effects their heath, well-being and confidence. Kids Yoga, mediation etc creates the ultimate learning adventure while helping youths de-stress and relax. Happy Super-kid certification program is a free healthy living program for kids. This fun and interactive program helps children aged between 10 and 15 and their teachers and families, adopt a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. The program focuses on improving:

  • Dermatoglyphics (DMIT)
  • Yoga & Fitness
  • Memory Enhancement
  • Color Therapy / Aroma Therapy
  • Personality Development
  • ESP Program
  • Quantum Speed Reading
  • Hand Writing Improvement
  • Meditation / Creative meditation
  • Games & Activities
  • Psychological Assessment

Programs are led by qualified health professionals and take place in school timing, this course running parallel with school terms. Children and their families become fitter, healthier and happier as they have fun, meet new friends and learn new skills. after completing course kids will get certification from Happy Healer.