Hypnotherapy is the world’s best known complimentary healing system which uses the power of subconscious mind to bring positive changes in thoughts, feelings, attitude and behaviour by using the positive suggestions. Hypnotherapy is well known for the removal of excess anger, bad habits, addictions, fear/phobias and for the enhancement of the confidence, patience, creativity, concentration, intuitive powers etc.

Hypnotherapy also helps in public speaking and sports activity.

Hypnotherapy is best known therapy for stress, anxiety, insomnia and psychological problems. When positive suggestions are given in the hypnotic state, major positive changes are noticed in the subconscious mind of the client which helps them to come out from depression,fears, negative thinking, stress, anxiety etc.

This training will teach you about self hypnosis, hypnosis others and mass hypnotism. You would be able to hypnotise other and will be able to give positive suggestions to programme the mind of your client. After this training Not only your words but your way of thinking will also get transformed.

Certification will be awarded to all participants after completion of the course.